our Location is right next to the marsh area and nature reserve "Versmolder Bruch"

"Bruch" can be translated to "Marsh" or "Wet Meadows"

and "Bienen" is "Bees"

Thats why we named the homepage
  • Bees too touch

    Own Honey

    DIY Candles

 Discover the exciting world of honeybees.
Beekeeping as self-therapy

What Does A Beekeeper Do ?

You can google it ... OR we´ll just show it to you :)
*From April to September in good weather and only by prior arrangement.
INterested ?
we can also offer the whole thing in english

Beekeepers Workshop


Visit To The Beekeeper


Candle Workshop


Honey Wine (Mead) Workshop


Dates For 2021

Due to the pandemic, we (like all our colleagues) had to cancel ALL dates the last season. 
Since there will therefore be a large number of inquiries this year, we ask you to contact us early so that we can be there for you on your desired date.

Things you can learn from us

Visit to the beekeeper
Appointments free
April - September
Beekeepers workshop
Appointments free
from April 2021
Queens workshop
Appointments free
May/June 2021
Offshoot workshop
Appointments free
April/May/June 2021
Candle workshop
Appointments free
all year round
Honey wine (Mead)
Appointments free
all year round


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