Visit to the beekeeper

You always wanted to know what a beekeeper actually does?
(or you already know, but don't want to show it to your kids on youtube ...)

then just visit a beekeeper!
from April to September
* when the weather is good and by appointment only

the rough process would be SO

* Unfortunately we cannot show you honey fling every time. If you would like to see this, please ask early for an appointment.
depending on how much time you have and what you want to see, the yellow dots can be omitted.
* in bad weather, especially in stormy air, unfortunately we cannot contact the bee colonies even with agreed appointments.
Introduction to beekeeping
about 30min
short important information about the bees
a little theory
Security info
about 15min
brief important explanation of the behavior on bees
a little theory
Visiting bee colonies only from the outside
about 30 min
we show you the bee colonies.
View of the people through a transparent cover.
practical part
A look into a bee colony
about 1 hour
Put on suits and we'll show you the bees up close to the open people
practical part
Harvest honey
about 2 hours
we take honey combs and you can spin honey yourself
practical part


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leave a message
we will answer as soon as possible


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