Beekeepers workshop

You would like to be a beekeeper yourself, but the courses in large groups are either full or do not appeal to you?

Then you are exactly right here.

In our workshop, we teach you all beekeeping tasks in theory and practice over a whole season in about 40 hours.

What is different with us than in one of the major basic courses?
- we can also offer the whole thing in english

- our workshops are individual
tuition (a beekeeper-a student, unless you want to be a beekeeper with a friend, partner or your child)

- dates are not fixed statically for the whole year in advance
(everyone has an unexpected Appointment, or the weather is bad. No problem, we will coordinate)

- you can do the workshop with your children. If your "little ones" are ready to take part for a while, we are particularly pleased to be able to introduce you to beekeeping (accompanied by an adult workshop participant). The hobby is more fun anyway if the whole family can also participate.

- Through the individual "lessons" we have the opportunity to make a comparatively high proportion of practice. In the large courses there are often only 1-3 practice days. We almost do the complete workshop outside on the bee colonies. You learn all important theoretical basics in conversation with the beekeeper during the approx. 40 hours we spend together.

- In addition to this, you will of course be provided with all handouts and information material that you need to be able to read everything if necessary.
(like the big courses)

from April to September
* when the weather is good and by appointment only

Contents of the workshop

Biology of the honeybee

Beehealth and disease

Bee Law

Management and care of a bee colony

Form offshoots

harvest honey

Fall / winter



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